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daffodil in snow

Daffy-down-dilly came up in the cold... although the white snow lay in many a place.
~Anna B. Warner in "Amy Lothrop"~

Well, everybody is talking about the weather, and even more so than usual. Parts of the country that have seldom seen even a flake of snow are dealing with many inches of the white stuff. Other parts of the country that are usually covered with ice and snow this time of year are seeing buds on trees and daffodils shooting up through the ground.

Weather experts disagree as to whether this is yet another sign of global warming or whether it's just an el nino year. It certainly gives all of us much to think about in terms of the big picture and our precious environment, but in the meantime it has made me think about daffodils.

I love daffodils, and I'm not even what you would call a "flower person." For me, they are just the happiest little guys, and when the ones in the bed in front of our house bloom each year, I run out to greet them with camera in hand.

No matter how much snow has covered them, no matter how many bitterly cold nights have settled upon them, now matter how many ice storms have beaten and battered the ground above them, invariably and without fail, they shove their bright little faces up out of the earth and turn toward the sun as if to say, "Ha! Here I am! You didn't think I could do it this time, but in spite of it all,
I'm still here!"

No wonder the daffodil is the traditional flower symbol for cancer survivors. We endure the shock of diagnosis, the dread of surgeries and other treatments, the painful and often disabling side effects, and the fearful uncertainty that follows us the rest of our lives, because now
we truly understand
- we really and finally "get it" -
that life is about
hills and valleys,
triumph and defeat,
storms and sunshine
and yet...
and yet...
and yet...
we keep on keepin' on.

We are the daffodils.

Prayer of Renewal

fresh and clean,
part of the Sacred Wheel.
Each morning is a new opportunity
to share our love,
our souls,
and spirits
with those who choose to walk this path
along with us,
to learn the lessons of the wheel,
and grow closer to
Each day is fresh and unblemished,
clean and pure.
Look around,
rejoice in the New Beginning.
The sun rises again,
our hearts beat within our bodies,
we draw fresh breath,
and re-enter the world.
Set aside the pain of past days.
Each day begins afresh.
Build upon the past,
its lessons and joys.
Be strengthened by the love within.
Reach out in love to those around us,
for each day is a gift
given but once.

KiiskeeN'tum- She Who Remembers

Wishing you love & peace,


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Hi Ruth:

that is so pretty


and say, I have a daffodil on my shopping bag right now
here in Canada, we dont use the plastic much
for grocery.. so.. i put this on another canvas bag



Hi everyone..

What a great forum.

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